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0.05 - Mattiussi continues his fraud!

And that for than 10 years! That's all about the justice in Europe! New details you can find under:



If you want to know how FAUSTO MATTIUSSI does business, i.e. does not comply with commitments and contracts, read more under


0.04 - Klinkert Ltd. und K-Service

Mattiussi runs the company K-Service. Why is the company not called M-Service? Answer: Mattiussi has stolen from Klinkert Ltd. Money for the set up of K-Service. On the occasion he took the "K" from Klinkert as well! Further embezzlements (not all!) of Mattiussi (only parts) you can read on this page:


0.03 - Klinkert Ltd. + K-Service srl Italy

Klinkert and Mattiussi agreed in 2004 to set up K-Service GmbH in Austria. The Company was found as a service company for Klinkert Ltd. How it developed and how Mattiussi was cheating his partner you may read in detail under


0.02 - MATTIUSSI, Theft & Arbitrage

MATTIUSSI, you often refer to the arbitration you won. Also in this case it is evident that you are not a man of honour.The truth is that you were helped from a partisan and lying referee (Dr. Paolo Michele PATOCCHI). [Details under] Here is one of the many examples: 1. You steal the mill pos. 3.028,06 from Klinkert Ltd. 2. K-Service GmbH resells the steal. 3. The arbitrator doesn't consider the steal as proven because the victim of the steal (K-Ltd) isn't able to exhibit the account concerning the sale by the receiving company, the K-Service GmbH. 4. From who should the victim of the steal receive a copy of the invoice, when the stolen goods are sold? This is one of the peaks of ignorance during the arbitration. (To be continued...)

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